Friday, May 07, 2004

More DEMO goodness. 

Kevin Melrose has up an interview with Demo writer Brian Wood, and it just provides more reasons for you to enter the DEMO Giveaway to win fabulous prizes. Observe:

Q: You mention on your Live Journal that you're outlining the last three issues. Looking back, have you been able to accomplish what you set out to do from a creative standpoint?

A: Absolutely, and then some. Ten times over. This is my proudest work of my career, and of my entire creative life.

Now darnit, wouldn't you like a chance to try that out for free? Even the format of the mini-series is unique -- 12 pretty much self-contained issues, so you can pick up anywhere and start anywhere, yet the central theme ties all the works together. Wood's right; I don't know why more people aren't doing this. You can pick up new readers at any time, and still reward longtime followers. It's darn near the perfect monthly format.

In other news: I like rocky road ice cream! Hooray!

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