Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Local boy done good! 

(Yup, swiped that headline right from Thought Balloons.)

Kevin Melrose's next piece of comic fiction is set to be published in Digital Webbing Presents #17, coming out in August, and it's called "Bad Elements: Good For the Soul." I read Kevin's last "Bad Elements" story in DWP #11, and the man is a natural storyteller. (And how could you not like a story wherein criminals use occult powers for the most pragmatic purposes?) The Diamond order code in the June Previews is JUN04 2442.

Check out that fucking artwork by Brian Churilla.

40 pages, no ads, $2.95. And you get a heaping helping of new talent in comics. Get your damn store to order it for you right now. I got my DM to put DWP on my pull list.

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