Sunday, May 16, 2004

I lied. So what? Happens all the time. 

Okay, so this'll be the last post of the day. Dorian at postmodernbarney's got his list of what does -- and does not -- constitute our ideal middleground comic book journalism rag.

Here I shall quote wholesale, running the risk of his wrath:

Should feature:

* in-depth feature reviews and interviews

* coverage of multiple genres

* regular columns focused on specific issues/themes

* a style that is accessable to both the casual and the more discerning reader

* editorial independance

Should not feature:

* "breaking" news I read last week/month on-line

* vanity columns with no purpose other than to give a cherished old comics-pro a steady supplemental income

* an overly narrow idea of the types of comics that should be covered

* a style that is either too erudite or too frat-boy-ish

* reveiws that habitually miss the point of the material being covered

* an inability to criticize Marvel or DC or some other publisher for fear of loss of advertising income or access to creators

That's the most coherent answer I've seen so far, and man if I wouldn't buy that magazine every day it came out.

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