Tuesday, May 25, 2004

How can you not love this shit? 

I stumbled across this archive of crime and horror comic covers over at Ben Samuels' Classic Golden Age Comic Book Cover Gallery... that's a hell of a title, there. I'll just call it the BSCGACBCG for.. uh.. brevity.

This comic book cover cracks me the fuck up:

I'll teach you to nag, motherfucker.

Seriously, this guy has problems way beyond "efficient anger management." You gotta wonder how he disciplines the people who work for him, or maybe his kids. Or if his kids made it out of infancy.

"Teach YOU to cry for your goddamn NIPPLE MILK at goddamn 3 AM when goddamn DADDY is trying to goddamn SLEEP."

Ultimate comic book cover artists, take note. You could learn something from these. That is issue motherfucking NUMBER ONE, and that is a great way to kick off a series.

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