Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Heidi and the Blogosphere, part whatever. 

This is all starting to wear me out, but here goes.

Heidi's response to the responses.

(A slight clarification: My statement was that Heidi's words were mean and petty, not that she herself was a mean and petty person.)

Particular responses:

Ken at Ringwood: We blog because we love it. We do it for no money and can only hope for the faintest wisp of praise. And that is enough.

Don't you think that's worth something, Heidi?

Shane Bailey: The fact that Heidi feels like that is a bad thing just makes me feel pity for her. Is that so wrong Heidi? Is it so wrong to talk about what we love? I love my little dopey site and I know others who do too. I do it for them. Not you.

Yes yes. YES. Yes. In the words of Bono, "Love love, love love, love love." In the words of Mr. Spock "Captain,too much of anything, even. love, isn't necessarily a good thing."

I believe Heidi has missed the point. I'm not saying "hey, we're enthused-as-fuck hobbyists, so we should get hugs and candy bars and decoder rings!" I'm saying, "hey, we're enthused-as-fuck hobbyists, so it's probably a bad idea to just dismiss us with broad, sweeping, vaguely patronizing statements." And yes, when you say that we can all be "safely ignored" and that most of us are "dopey," you're putting yourself in a position higher than ours. That's judgement of a very specific type, and you bet your ass you'll get harsh responses for it.

The Beat has been called a blog over and over and over again, and maybe it was by today’s standards, In olden days it would have been known as a gossip column. In addition, I think 90% of the columns included original reporting, whether it was photos from some party, reports on the same, or other information passed along to me either willingly or unwillingly. I guess if there is a source of personal annoyance on my part its [sic] that in a completely egalitarian world, someone sitting down to write about what they ate for breakfast is afforded the same amount of recognition as something that took me all week to research and write.

Right, except you're no longer talking about comics blogs. "Someone sitting down to write about what they ate for breakfast" isn't comics blogging, it's just the regular variety of online journal. Important distinction.

But just because someone has a blog doesn't make them Edward R. Murrow or Carrie Nation. That's all I'm saying.

And allow me to reiterate: That isn't what you said before. No, having a blog doesn't give someone the right to a large audience. (We earn that, and we don't even have the luxury of advertising.) But it also doesn't give you the right to dismiss the lot of us to folks who might not know any better.

Your job was to inform Group A about Group Z, and you did a piss-poor job of it. It was sloppy journalism, and you caught hell for it. Deal with it.

Excuses are fine; apologies are preferred. Still not holding my breath on the latter, though.

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