Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Glorious day! 

Gone & Forgotten updates with a couple articles, one about Spider-Man teaming up with the cast of Saturday Night Live (no shit):

Today, for instance, I sacrifice my juvenile glee at seeing Spider-Man - arguably a true counter-culture icon of the fictional four-color forum - teamed up with the hallmark of cocaine culture's rebel comedians, and trade it in for pointing out that the whole affair is wrapped up in a comedy comic penned by Chris Claremont.

"The hallmark of cocaine culture's rebel comedians." God, was there ever truly a time when SNL was edgy? These days, it is the very definition of cumbersome irrelevance.

And another piece examining the Hulk's insatiable lust for processed fruit pies:

“Cousin Betsy, The Plant Lady" attempts to induct the Hulk into her jewelry-thieving trio of anthropomorphic plant-villains, charmingly named Mari Gold, Rhoda Dendron and Artie Chokes. I get that Artie, you know, can choke you, but I'd hate to see Rhonda dendron even a kitten.

G&F fills me with so much glee, I feel fit to burst. With glee. All over your keyboard.

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