Thursday, May 06, 2004

Funniest blog around. 

For awhile now, the Power Dude has been chronicling the use of his new superpowers, his trying to score a costume, filing his taxes and finding out there's no tax break for superheroics...

He's snapped.

* Humm-vees make the most satisfying noise as you drop them into their richfuck owner's inground swimming pool. Lexus SUVs get second place.
* If you leave the owners in the car, it's even funnier.
* Dark, moody heroes have a tough time dealing with villains who moon them, then run off.
* Being a petulant fuck with superpowers is the second most richly satisying experience ever.
* The first most richly satisfying experience ever is remember the moment when you first knew true love, then flying back to that spot and tearing the fuck out of it.

Jesus Christ, evil people are funny.

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