Wednesday, May 12, 2004

A few things. 

1) I just got this week's and last week's comics today, so I probably won't be posting for awhile. Lucy, I got a lotta readin' to do.

2) You've been reading The Losers, right? RIGHT? Good. Let it be known that Jock, the artist of said fantabulous title, has announced a contest of sorts to win some stuff from he and Andy Diggle. Go check it out. (Link via Shane.)

3) Would you like a lesson in backtracking? Then look no further than Heidi MacDonald. After her rather... tactless... comments about the comics blogo-mart, she was shouted down pretty heavily by bloggers. Now, in Kevin Melrose's comments, she's changing her story. Larry was quick to point out the contrast between her stated stance and how she's reacting now.

Old Heidi:

And, except for a very few sites, I realized they can pretty much be safely ignored. When you give everyone a voice, no one can hear everything.

Heidi Nouveau:

Hello...I have a problem with BAD blogs. Not good blogging. What is good and what is bad? Maybe you kids can figure that out yourself.

That's good. Change tack and, at the same time, throw in a little bit of a snipe at the end. That's a great way to calm down the furor you unwittingly kicked up. Or, you can admit you said something really stupid, and just fess up to it already.

I'm not really holding my breath on that, though.

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