Monday, May 24, 2004

Constantly.. a source of aggravation. 

So there's that Constantine trailer up.

I'm no expert on the character. (I've read two TPBs so far: Original Sins and Dangerous Habits.) And yes, I think making Constantine an American instead of British is such a central fuck-up of the character it's like.. it's like.. it's like making Firestorm black or something.


But hey. It's not as bad as all that. People can say what they want about Reeves' acting ability -- those who comment that he's a bad actor apparently have never seen Dangerous Liasons, Point Break, My Own Private Idaho, Little Buddha, Devil's Advocate, or The Gift -- but I think I finally have to concede my assholeness on this and just say, if I go into this movie not at all expecting the Constantine I know from the books, I'll probably have a good time.

This swears the Ringwood.

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