Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Comics He Shouldn't Own, Part 2. 

Mark's at it again.

X-FORCE #26 COVER ROLE-CALL! REIGNFIRE! ROLLERGIRL! FOURARM! KNIFEY McSTICKERSON! None of whom show up until page 20! And that guy's real name, the one I called "Fourarm"? His name is... Forearm. God, fuck you, Rob Liefeld. I know you left this book 3 issues in, just like Jim Lee left X-Men and Todd MacFarlane left Spider-Man, the titles Marvel was nice (i.e. stupid) enough to create just for you guys, but fuck you for doing this to the world.

And it's even funnier than yesterday's.

I feel your pain on Cable's "ridiculous, redundant, contradictory bullshit" storyline, myself. Though I liked Cable as a kid, his background (and all that stupid-ass time travel shit with Cyclops and Jean Grey and Askani and that silver future chick who carried around little baby Nathan and X-Man and WHY DO I REMEMBER THIS! I DON'T KNOW MY MOTHER'S BIRTHDAY BUT I KNOW THE NAME ASKANI?! FUCK YOU, MARVEL!) singlehandedly kicked me the fuck out of comics.

Anyway. It's funny. Go read it.

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