Sunday, May 16, 2004

Comics He Shouldn't.. blah blah blah. 

Mark's reliving some horrid Daredevil memories:

Daredevil's been around awhile and seems to mean something different to everyone who writes him. For Stan Lee he was a blind swashbuckler just this side of Spider-Man. To Frank Miller he was a tormented Catholic in love with a woman who was his opposite number in every way — he a lawyer, she an assassin, blah blah blah grievous chest wound. Karl Kesel, in a brief but exceptional run, brought Matt back into the courtroom and livened him up a bit after dour runs by guys like J.M. DeMatteis and D.G. Chichester. And what's up with the initials, huh? The point is, if these last two are any indication, if Brian Bendis went by B.M. Bendis not only would his run suck, the nutsacks on his forum would have a field day with the initials "B.M."

I love Frank Miller, you know. DKR got me back into comics in the first place, but man. I'd almost (almost) trade up Sin City just so we'd never have to deal with his imitators. I mean really...

"Life is horribly cheap in the big city... but someone's found a way of turning a profit by selling the parts wholesale. Inside, something tears loose at the tragedy of it all. Inside, something begins to twist and rage..."

One, no. Two, that shit about "selling the parts wholesale" doesn't even make sense, and that's true even after you find out the context (a serial killer who dresses in a super-outfit and cuts people up for organs.)

Anyway, go read it. It's a worthy substitute for Gone & Forgotten, especially since that worthy updates once per ice age.

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