Sunday, May 30, 2004

Calling all AiT/PlanetLar fans. 

I know some of you have had trouble finding copies of Demo or Scurvy Dogs lately (I'm looking at you, Johnny), and as it so happens I've been told (by a little bird, of course, with a beard) that by god, Brave New World Comics is going to help you the hell out. In short:

From now until I say different, anybody here who can't find a copy of their favorite AiT release at their local shop is invited to call me (661-259-4745) or drop me an email (atom@bravenewworldcomics.com) and with your credit card, not only will I send it out to you within 48 hours, but I'll pay for the shipping (international guys, I reserve the right to split it with you) and even throw in one AiT/PlanetLar floppie of your choosing. So far, by my count, that means one of the following DEMO #1-5 or Scurvy Dogs #1-4.

That's actually pretty great. The store I go to stocks the AiT/PlanetLar books pretty well, but I realize we cannot all know the glory that is Zeus. Mosey over to Delphi to get the rest o' the details.

My personal recommendations? If you like the superhero concept with a side order of smarts, then it's Codeflesh. If you want some genuinely fascinating and original fantasy, then y'all want some Jax Epoch and the Quicken Forbidden. And it is completely impossible to go wrong with the publisher's flagship title, Astronauts in Trouble. (You want the hardcover with all the stories.)

As for the free floppies, I'd say try out Demo #6 or Scurvy Dogs #1. Seriously. Great stuff.

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