Friday, April 02, 2004

Xe speaks clever. 


Dear smarmy-ass hybrid/VW/matchbox car drivers,

You might think you're holier than thou because that tuna can you drive gets 1000 miles per gallon and saves children in Somalia, but I'd rather set the ocean ablaze with the gasoline exhaust from my badass Jeep than be caught dead in one of those ugly ass cars. I didn't know conserving gasoline and energy meant style had to be conserved, too, because those cars look like the down syndrome models. Seriously.

Cost of my Jeep? $1400. Cost of a hybrid car? $19,000 starting price. And those beloved VW's cost a fortune to buy and to fix (well over $20,000). Some of us don't have thousands upon thousands of dollars (of daddy's money) to blow on brand new cars just so we can be smug hippies. So maybe all of you superior motherfuckers might not mind lending me $17,600 so I can get a fuel efficient system put into my Jeep? No? Then move your retard car out of my way and shut the fuck up already.

There's nothing I can add to that. That's perfect.

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