Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Who dares wins. 

So there's this 24 Hour Comics day thing. Basic idea is you lock yourself into a comic book shop and come up with a comic book in a nonstop marathon of 24 hours. You write it out, you draw it, and you produce a comic book in that span of time. No one helps you. It's you alone.

A lot of people have snarked on it. A lot of people have said it makes no difference, that it's a stupid idea, yadda yadda. Crippling the idea before it even gets out of the gate. Bloggers, like me, pretty much make a hobby out of criticizing the fuck out of something until it's dead in the water.

Thanks to a friend of mine, Joe, I'll be taking a different tack. He decided to sign up, stretch his creative wings a little, and have some fun with it.

So I am too.

Now, I can't draw. No way. Not a chance. The book will look like warmed-over ass, at best. But I can write. I can do dialogue. I can do characters. Also, I like having a good time. There's no goddamn way in the world I'll "win" or whatever, since more than likely I'll be up against Scott Kurtz and possibly someone from Viper (seems like I'm name-dropping Viper a lot lately, doesn't it?). But I don't care, and neither does Joe. We're going to spend 24 hours in a comic shop, trying our hand at the hobby we love. We're not cartoonists, not by any stretch, but we're going to have a kickass time.

Maybe you should try it too, eh? Maybe every blogger should. Money-where-your-mouth-is time, folks.

Find a location near you and sign up. Hell, if I can find a place to host the images, I'll even scan mine and post it for all of you to mock.

Sound good? Let me know.

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