Sunday, April 25, 2004

Tropical Punch. 

So you know how there's those titles that you never heard of before, and then suddenly you see a couple blogs/message boards/whatever bring them up in passing, and then more and more people start talking about it, and the next thing you know they've cast the actor for the lead in the movie adaptation? And you still don't even have the damn scoop on what the title's about, yet?

That's Hawaiian Dick by Clay Moore, for me. I'd heard all this stuff about Johnny Knoxville (my assessment: give the man a chance) being cast as the main character, that this is a Must Read series, and so on and so forth. But shit, I have a lot of Must Read titles on my list, okay? It's hard keeping it all in order, and remembering to ask about them all when I'm at my DM store.

And gods bless it if it doesn't come up outta nowhere when I'm throwing e-mails back and forth with Larry Young (I am not yet comfortable with calling him Uncle Lar, because that is totally a John Wayne Gacy alter-ego name waiting to happen). He points me here, to his forum on Delphi, and whadya know.

Questions answered.

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