Friday, April 16, 2004

Take two. 

Saw El Castigador again, because I figure I should at least donate my $7.50. Tim Bradstreet was there, which was neat, and I got an autographed poster, which was even neater.

Anyway. The movie was much better the second time around. It still has some pacing problems, some score problems, some tone problems. But I realize the first screening was seen under pretty bad conditions: small theater, shitty sound system, guys who would whoop loudly every time a pretty girl came on screen (and with Laura Harring and Rebecca Romijn in the cast, that was pretty often), and so on and so forth. An unpleasant viewing experience for any movie.

If you're on the fence, go see it. There's some cheesiness there I could do without, but it's a viscerally satisfying flick. And Tom Jane is a perfect Frank Castle.

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