Monday, April 26, 2004

Strikes again. 

I am told that Indy Magazine has just put up its latest edition, focusing mainly on the republication of David Mazzucchelli's adaptation of City of Glass. It's got about eleventy special features going -- the republication, I mean -- and it seems worth taking a look at.

Of interest is the interview with Mazzucchelli (easily the second-greatest surname in comics, right behind his co-adaptor Bill Kartalopoulos) with some page samples and breakdowns.

I'd say more but, uh, I'm reading the damn site.

NEWS THAT IS NOT NEWS: I am a moron. Kartalopoulos is the interviewer, not the co-adaptor. The proper credit goes to Paul Karasik as co-adaptor, along with Mazzucchelli.

You still have a pretty cool surname, Bill.

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