Tuesday, April 27, 2004

So why don't you kill me? 

(When I was running the GREAT LOSERS GIVEAWAY, that title was the title of about half the e-mails I received. As if I didn't hate the song enough already.)

Augie De Blieck, Jr. discusses The Losers: Ante Up over at CBR. He's pretty spot-on with his assessment:

THE LOSERS is a great action/adventure/spy piece. It rarely slows down, pushing the gas pedal to the floor and taking the reader along for a wonderful ride. The gun play gets more amped up, the explosions become more bombastic, and the chase scenes conjure up visions of Bond movies. Simply put, THE LOSERS is the perfect comic book to be translated to a major motion picture, but would sadly break the budget of any movie studio that tried to. There's just that much going on here.


Andy Diggle writes some great moments, keying off the ludicrous situations the characters find themselves in, combined with the simplified character traits they display. Take particular notice of the first issue for the series. It's a great example of how a comic book series should begin. The story is complete in the first issue. You have a great idea what the general tone and theme of the series is. And you're introduced to the characters on the fly, usually by their actions and not some clunky block of text next to their first closeup. The first issue makes you want to read more, and not out of any obligation.

Pretty much. Augie's got some harsh words for Jock, the artist, but I'd have to say that comes more from Augie's traditionally being, um, a bit of a stick in the mud traditionalist about things. Me, I think the art is fun and kinetic, and thus perfectly serves the needs of the story.

Then, and this is why I love Augie so much, he has the amazing ability to attach politics to anything:

Diggle's also obviously British. British writers, after all, specialize in writing stories with paranoid American government conspiracies. I wonder if they teach that in the textbooks over there as retaliation for losing a war almost 230 years ago?

Uh, right. The British (especially it's 20-something writers) are bitter about the fucking American Revolution. I wonder if he thinks young writers in Spain are still aching over the Spanish-American War?

Could be, that having someone inside the CIA be a rotten egg (important distinction Augie overlooks: it's one bad apple and his cronies inside of the CIA that's bad, not the entire government) comes from the 50+ years of history wherein the CIA propped up and shot down governments all over the world from the shadows.

Or, you know, it makes for a fun story. It is possible to tell a fun story that uses a conspiracy premise to set a certain tone, you know. No, really. Seriously, I really do love Augie, but this kind of thing makes me scratch my head.

Anyway. No reason not to buy the book. It's only $10.

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