Friday, April 02, 2004

See? Penny Arcade gets it. 

This post on the front page of Penny Arcade:

When you have a friend who actually took Comics As Literature in college it does something in their minds, their minds you understand, it upsets that delicate machinery so that they become like as unto a combination salesman/missionary/mercenary. They've got something you really need, they have a passion that either extends beyond or projects from the border of the known, but they're also hard bitten and they will hurt you if you don't start reading Powers by Brian Michael Bendis. He's been pushing Hellboy forever, even before it was alphabetically valid to do so. If you are as I am, you read the comics your friends tell you to, this is a comic a friend should have told you about already.

Wow. That pretty much nails it entirely, doesn't it?

And then this, as a summary of the movie:

Let me see if I cannot tantalize you with a synopsis of the movie. It concerns the collusion of Nazi Clockwork Assassins and Russian Wizards in an effort to puncture space and draw in sleeping, ancient Gods while the paranormal wing of the FBI, assisted by a demon child, does their best to thwart this procedure. It's essentially pornography for nerds and it opens today.

Tycho also provides a good single-shot sampling of the Hellboy experience, linking to a scan of the one-shot "The Corpse." It's on Playboy's site, so be careful where you click there from.

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