Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Second Best Column In Comics. 

Graeme's at it again. I consider Steven Grant's Permanent Damage to be the best column in comics, though I'm not sure it's fair to compare these two. Grant's all about the analyses and state of the industry, Graeme's going for slice of life. And damn if it's not entertaining:

It was at that point, you see, that I realized that it’s actually kind of boring living out in the middle of nowhere alone. Sure, it starts out fun and exciting, but really, there’s only so long that you can convince yourself that the rustic life is something that you really ought to explore and experience for any length of time when you’re twenty years old and want to go to shitty nightclubs and shake your bits to the hits while having crushes on the most inappropriate of girls, you know? Especially if, like I did, you find yourself actually living much closer to a farm than you expected, and get lulled to sleep at night by the sound of cows mooing and awoken every morning by a peacock doing a stunningly good impression of a baby screaming.

The image I get in my head is of a slightly anthropomorphic peacock rearing its head back and just letting fly, howling its lungs out. It's both fucking creepy and hysterical as hell.

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