Sunday, April 18, 2004

A random thought. 

I'm really glad that Nazi saboteur killed the doctor who pumped Steve Rogers full of his super soldier serum.

(Lordy, did that sound homoerotic.)

Because like, the plan was, to make a BUNCH of these guys, right? A bunch of Captain Americas, running around and kicking Nazi ass. While I have no doubt that if that plan had come to fruition, these super soldiers would be kicking Hitler's head around by suppertime, what do we do with these guys afterwards? I mean we can presume they'd all have fancy neato shields, so just popping them two in the head wouldn't work out so well.

It's not like they would all be as noble and heroic as Steve Rogers, right? Even if you just injected one platoon of guys with this serum and gave them indestructible shields, that's 29 guys whose only distinguishing characteristics is that they are between the ages of 18 and 25, male, and weren't good enough for the army to throw onto the front lines as cannon fodder. And they aren't all going to conveniently get frozen in an ice floe, mister.

Can you imagine what would happen if you injected the cast of the latest Survivor with the super soldier serum, and made them super strong, super tough, tactically brilliant and functionally immortal?

Okay, how about the New York Yankees?

The anchors and anchorettes of Fox News? Bill fucking O'Reilly?

If you tell me that doesn't send shivers of fear right down your spine and into your bowels, then you, sir, are a liar.

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