Wednesday, April 14, 2004

The Purchase List. 

What I bought:

Reload/Mek TPB flipbook - Most people seemed to have not-so-nice things to say about this. I'll judge for myself how these series are.

Chosen #2 - Say whatever the hell you want about Mark Millar, this looks to be a thoughtful, insightful series. Yeah, I'm willing to back that up.

1602 #8 - Just as the series is getting really interesting, it comes to a close. Ah well. Fun while it lasted, and pretty pretty art.

Dead@17: Blood of Saints #1 - My boys at Viper are back!

Deep Sleeper #1 and #2 - Enough people have been talking about this title that it was no longer acceptable for me to not check it out. So here I am. Being trendy.

Bite Club #1 - Gotta go with Johnny Bacardi (Latin hedonist!) on this one; worst title ever. Still, vampire mafioso? That can be fun, fun, fun!

More reading, less talking. See ya later on, when I'm done.

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