Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Punish me. 

Jimmy Palmiotti talks to Newsarama about the upcoming Punisher video game, including how his collaboration with Ennis worked and what we can expect from the game.

Palmiotti: Yeah, it’s a mix that hopefully will make both audiences very happy and at times freaked out. The level of some of the violence, as it stands right now, is pretty extreme, which makes sense for the Punisher. The thing we both tried to do is stay true the character. Frank Castle is an unrelenting killing machine, and he makes no excuses about his actions.

The basis for the story is a bit of a set up mixed with the who and why of Frank Castle and how he got to where he is at this stage. We cover things that tie to not only his family getting killed, but the players behind it and also, the really fun stuff for us, Frank’s neighbors and friends like Spacker Dave, Joan and Soap. The story unfolds as the game play moves on and you get to see a lot of familiar faces along the way, especially if you ever followed the comic book.

Sounds pretty good. I'm still going to reserve judgement until I have the actual game in my hands, but they're starting off about as well as they possibly can.

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