Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Outta Town. 

I'll be heading out of town at a criminally early hour tomorrow morning, and won't be back till Sunday afternoon. I know you're sad. But please, put down that katana. You don't need to kill yourself.

You can, in the meantime, entertain yourself at these sites:

THE CLIQUE (Or, People I Bug Regularly):

Near Mint Heroes (Shane) - Never a dull post at this place. Shane brings together all the weirdest, oddest, most entertaining news on the internet just about every single day. He also has an encyclopedic knowledge of comic books. Check it.

Thought Balloons (Kevin) - Best Linkblogging on the Internet, bar none. Kevin's sharp as hell, and he's got his finger on the pulse of just about everything. In the absence of Journalista, Kevin has taken up the mantle of the news tracker of the comics blogosphere. Not on purpose; he's just naturally that good.

The Johnny Bacardi Show
(David) - A hallmark of the blogosphere. Johnny, Latin hedonist, does some of the best comic book reviews on the net, and he's got the habit of occasionally posting some of his art, to taunt those of us without the talent. Bastard. Johnny also shares a love of Tarot, so for that alone he's teh rock.

Eat More People
(Rick) - In the category of People Who Are Funnier Than Me, there's Rick, and then there's everybody else. He's also an apparent aspiring writer, and it shows in the wit of his entries. He's a bit less regular in his postings than the rest (needs to eat more prunes), but every post is a gem.

PEOPLE WHO ARE SMARTER THAN ME (Or, People Whose Blogs I Have No Place Commenting On)

I Am NOT the Beastmaster (Marc) - I'm just way the hell out of my league over here. There's a new, lengthy, thoughtful and thought-provoking post up here about every three or four days, and some of the comment-conversations that spring up around them are the best talk going on the internet. You absolutely cannot go wrong. (Also, Marc's apparently a flaming liberal like myself, so that doesn't hurt.)

The Intermittent (Dave) - He doesn't post in novels like most of the intellectual bloggers do, but every bit of it is food for thought. Dave's got a gift for keeping things short and sweet, and no less potent than his lengthier brethern.

JUST PLAIN FUN (Or, Places I Go Because Damn, I Enjoy Them)

Progressive Ruin (Mike) - There is always, always, always something fun or thoughtful or entertaining as hell over here. Mike's got a light touch that's nonetheless searingly insightful, and he's one of those rare good souls no one could ever say anything bad about.

Otto's Coffee Shop (Jeff) - Seamlessly blends discussion about comics, movies, and poker. Those are three great vices to have, and he writes entertainingly about all of them. Careful where you tread in that Comments section -- his friends'll beat you up for milk money. Heh heh...

Go. Visit. Enjoy. Check out every single link on my sidebar there; none will do you wrong.

See ya on Sunday.

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