Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Opening weekend BO. 

(That's "Box Office," doofus.)

The good-but-not-great Hellboy's opening weekend numbers are in, and tallied up nicely over at Box Office Guru:

The studio poured millions into its marketing campaign hoping to launch a new super hero franchise. Exit polls showed that 60% of the audience was male and 52% was 25 and older.

Backed with positive reviews, the $66M effects-driven film certainly did not have an easy road reaching the male audience this weekend. The simultaneous opening of Walking Tall and Saturday night's NCAA college basketball semifinal matches proved to be formidable distractions for the target crowd. However, Hellboy did help keep the red hot box office moving forward becoming the fifth film of the past six weeks to open with more than $20M.

Not bad, not bad at all. I had not even realized (because I do not care) that Hellboy very much had to compete with the NCAA "matches," but it's certainly a valid fact to bring up when discussing that Hellboy is, indeed, ready for franchise prime time.

It's funny, you know. The legitimate press seemed to like Hellboy a lot more than comic book fanboy types did. Hell, even perpetual fuck-up Owen Gleiberman liked it.

Maybe that's a fair lesson for the tightass fanboys among us and in us: loosen the fuck up, already.

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