Friday, April 02, 2004

Matt Maxwell speaks some sense. 

About retreads:

Whether you consider it necrophilia or laziness or unabashed fanboyosity, comics can’t survive on a diet of infinitely re-warmed leftovers. Sure, they might have started out as filet mignon, but enough trips through the microwave and they’re going to be tougher than the beef jerky that you found under the seat of your car that you had lost three summers ago. It isn’t enough that we get new creative blood in the mix (which, thankfully, we seem to get fairly regularly).

We need new characters, new worlds, new visions. Reinventions are fine and dandy (I liked League of Extraordinary Gentlemen as much as the next guy, but The Invisibles, even with its flaws, is a far more satisfying and provocative work) but if you live by them, you’ll be stuck in some kind of endless loop.

Read it.

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