Friday, April 09, 2004

Man of steel (wool.) 

So the other day I go into a comics shop to buy a TPB of The Losers: Ante Up for the GREAT LOSERS GIVEAWAY, and then spot a Superman title sitting on the counter.

I ask the clerk, as he rings up my bill: "When does Azzarello's run on Superman start?"

I get a blank stare.

So I ask again: "You know, Brian Azzarello...? 100 Bullets?"

Clerk: "Oh, right. It's just that most people ask about the Jim Lee run."

Me: "Their loss."

Anyway. There's an interview with Azzarello over at CBR, explaining how and why he wants to take on the Man of Steel (aside from a contract thing), and what he hopes to accomplish:

"I'm having a good time with Superman and I think when we're done with this series there will be lasting repercussions in the DCU. Not just with Superman, but there will be some things we're pulling into this that people are probably going to say, 'Oh, wow, cool!' I'm staying away from the Superman family, but the whole DC Universe I'm not really staying away from."

Briefly mentioned is Azzarello's upcoming mini, Lex Luthor: Man of Steel, which I am looking forward to like a motherfucker. When asked if he thought Luthor would affect the other Supes titles:

"No, but it may have an affect on readers and how [readers] look at Superman. I hope so. This is a book from Luthor's point of view. Do you really think Luthor thinks he's evil? Every villain is the hero of his own story."

I'm there.

(Via Thought Balloons.)

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