Thursday, April 08, 2004

In case you were in the market! 

Here, have a creepy lifelike doll to act out your sexual fantasies on! Only slight vaginal tears to it, but luckily, no breast tears (Whew!).

Or, if you want to be even creepier, you can get the schoolgirl model for much less.

Such features as:

"[Add] penis and turn it into a shemale"

"Interactive sensory response system that can make the doll moan and stuff"

"Hip gyration system tested to work under 500 lbs that can make her hips gyrate on under a standard pattern which can be modified by needs and prefferences"

...and more can be yours, all for $1,000 and your eternal soul!

Act now!

(Thanks again, Wil. You fucking pervert.)

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