Wednesday, April 21, 2004

A Grim eulogy. 

Last communique from Graeme of Fanboy Rampage before he goes off to the wild blue yonder of the Grand Canyon. Less a single column and more just a smattering of thoughts, it's still a pretty damn good read. Observe:

What seems to be happening at Wildstorm is that DC – or that particular imprint at DC, anyway – are now starting to follow Marvel’s lead more than a little bit. Not only are they seemingly culling the lower-selling titles (with Authority being relaunched with a creative team that will make a lot of people very happy, and Sleeper surviving due to good sales in trade format), but if rumors are to be believed, Wildcats may be relaunched again as a mainstream superhero title, with the characters back in superhero costumes and going back to the simpler world of Good Versus Evil… just like Marvel are doing with their X-Men franchise. It’s an interesting route to take, if that is what’s going on; they’re definitely following the money by retracing the steps of American comics’ most successful franchise, but how much of that success is down to reader apathy and buying what they know, and how much is down to the actual content is always up for debate. And it’s not as if Wildstorm’s Gen13 revamp, which took the concept into much more old school superteam territory (and was written by X-Men Reload’s chief architect, Chris Claremont) was a big success…

(From Broken Frontier.)

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