Saturday, April 24, 2004


Couple of things:

1) We know that Marvel does not send out comp copies to online journalist types, and they have every reason in the world not to do that. Frankly, that's a large chunk of your audience you'd just be giving shit away free to, and what's to stop some jackhole from starting up a site just to score free comics (like.. say... me?)


2) Also remember that a little while ago Marvel cited Mile High Comics as their favored vendor because they move a shitload of Marvel titles. This was decried as usual by blogging types, though I felt at the time that it showed a sort of grassroots support thing. Show the DM a little love.


Witness Mile High getting a full-issue preview of Brian K. Vaughan's Ultimate X-Men.

Witness Mile High also getting a full-issue preview of Quesada's Daredevil mini.

This seems to be going above and beyond simply rewarding some DM stores. This looks like... an unhealthy brand of favoritism.

Could be jumping at shadows. Highly likely that I'm jumping at shadows.

But still.

(Thanks to THE ROOMMATE for finding that X-Men preview, and Thought Balloons for the DD one.)

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