Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Bird of Prey. 

Entertaining interview with Gail Simone over at Sequential Tart.

Then again, when is anything with Simone ever not entertaining as hell?

Her origin story:

Simone: What happened was, I wrote some interview parodies of comics figures, just to amuse friends. Those got circulated as spam (not by me), and from that, Jonah Weiland at comicbookresources.com asked me to do a weekly humor column, which I agreed to do, reluctantly, figuring no one would read it and I'd stop after twelve weeks.

But this strange thing kept happening, where I was getting this effusive and supportive mail from pros and retailers and editors, and kept getting offered jobs writing comics. That still seemed pretty ridiculous to me, until Scott Shaw suggested I pitch some stories for Bongo Comics, and my love of the Simpsons took over. So I really owe a lot to Scott and Bongo. From there, Joe Quesada called me for Night Nurse (which imploded) and Deadpool (which semi-imploded).

I bring this up because people ask me how to break in all the time, and I really don't know if the traditional route of harassing editors at cons is the way to go anymore. The column showed I could write a lot of material each week, keep a deadline and write in a variety of styles. So it worked out to be a fine audition tape, and I think that it's something that could happen again with the right person.

Also: Enter THE GREAT LOSERS GIVEAWAY for an entire run of The Losers and a poster autographed by Andy Diggle and Jock. I cannot believe I am actually giving those away.

I must be fucking crazy.

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