Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Best column in comics. 

Steven Grant talks about cancellations, along with many other topics.

Shane quotes this very same paragraph, but I believe it bears reiterating. This is why we did something like the Great Losers Giveaway, and why we'll continue to run giveaways like that in the very near future for other Titles In Trouble:

Recently the comics world was "rocked" by the sudden cancellation of Wildstorm's WILDCATS 3.0 and STORMWATCH:ACHILLES, despite a recent high-profile crossover that involved both books with on-off hit THE AUTHORITY and another tenuous but highly-regarded title, SLEEPER, and brought a sales bounce to them. Both brought new ideas and new takes to the well-trod superhero genre. WILDCATS 3.0 was a unique attempt to upgrade superbeings to a corporate environment. STORMWATCH:ACHILLES was a highly politicized series about paramilitary human response to super-action. Both were well done. Both had audiences. And only an idiot would be surprised by the cancellations.

Because, good as they were, they weren't selling.

Bitching and moaning won't do it. Lamenting it all after the fact, saying the comics industry is doomed after good titles get bounced -- that solves nothing and helps no one. Find new titles that are worth your time, and talk about them. Buy a few extra issues and give them to your comics-reading friends.

Is that so hard?

It's not, believe me.

Reaction is not enough in this business. It's a small business, small and insular, and incredibly hard to find safe ground for a relatively unknown product. This means you have no time to sit back and doomsay only after your title of choice gets the can. If that really is all you can offer, then please kindly shut your trap and let people with some initiative do the talking. You folks are like those professional mourners of ancient Egypt: Wailing and moaning and gnashing your teeth, lamenting the death of someone you never really cared about in the first place.

At the risk of coining a cheesy phrase, turn your reaction into action. Take the initiative, for once.

Your assignment: Buy Runaways #14 and Lone #6. No questions asked, just DO IT. If it intrigues you, and you want to know more, BUY THE OTHER ISSUES. If you still like them, then buy a couple more for your friends (you can spare $5 for your buddies, right?)

That is the first step to affecting change.

Move. You have your orders.

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