Thursday, April 15, 2004

And now for something completely different. 

Fun post about City of Heroes on the front page of 8-Bit Theater. If you are interested in this game as much as I am, then by god, take a read.

This paragraph alone (about other cockholes, as my roommate put it, not being able to interfere in your missions) shall spawn me a new slogan for Ringwood Ragefuck:

When we're in the middle of something like roleplaying, which boils down to typing the likes of "QUERY: SO MUCH BLOOD, BUT WHERE IS HUMAN LOVE?" to make each other laugh, we don't need Vegetorz_SayenXZ storming onto the scene.

Holy jesus.

ADDENDUM: Larry Young sent me an email noting that the CITY OF HEROES comic, available soon from your local retailer through Diamond Comics, sports artwork by Brandon McKinney, he of SWITCHBLADE HONEY and PLANET OF THE CAPES. If there isn't a second volume of SH or POTC, blame the allure of that fat cash The Divine Mister B rakes in from Corporate Video Games.

I did not, repeat did not C&P that directly from an e-mail sent to me by Larry. Nosir. No way. Huh uh.

My integrity has not been compromised.

(Because I have no integrity.)

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