Sunday, April 25, 2004

24 Hour Comic Day: 17 Hours and Counting. 

I'm still alive. I've got 19 pages done, I'm flying toward the end of this thing, and I had to take a break to play some Doom 2 or I was going to go fucking crazy and start hurting some people.

I have now been awake for almost a day, going on a low amount of (bad) sleep, taking the occasional break to read the first Skyape TPB (THE ROOMMATE bought it, since he liked Skyape: Waiting For Crime so much.)

I almost gave in. At about 3am, I truly, genuinely was ready to give it up and get some goddamn sleep. But Wil stayed online with me as my lifeline, and saw me through that bad patch. Told me to pump my veins full of caffiene and keep on trucking.

And for that I will always hate him. Thank you for encouraging me to prolong this torture, you evil son of a bitch.

More to come.

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