Thursday, March 25, 2004

When's the flooding start? 

Okay, this. From EW.

A release date for Spider-Man 3.

Okay.. guys.. I realize the first movie did very well and all? And that the sequel will doubtless also do well? Though you are fucking NAIVE if you think it'll match the previous movie's success..

But the second movie isn't even OUT YET and you're announcing plans for the third. Even worse, the final line in the article is this:

''Spider-Man 4,'' however, still has no release date.

Okay, this is beyond cockiness. This is beyond hubris. This is WAY beyond putting the cart in front of the horses.

This is Tower of Babel-style arrogance. I mean, sure, you can assume the sky is only going to get sunnier forever and ever, that each new movie will bring in the Big Bux and greater critical acclaim and this can just go on forever and ever, huh? No need to be a little more conservative with your funding dollar, no need to maybe weather the second movie before moving on to the third.

Yeah. Ask the Batman people how that sort of thing works out.

You are going to glut the market, goddammit. Every single B-level comic character you hand a movie to, you harden the audience that much more. You're shooting yourselves in the fucking foot and you're LAUGHING while you do it.

Morons. I'm going to go break something important to me.

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