Wednesday, March 31, 2004

We interrupt this broadcast to bring you an update... 

So I'm reading my comics stash for the day, which is why I've been silent. Right now I'm slogging through the fanboy masturbation festival that is Avengers/JLA, wherein a blue guy that looks like a child molester from 1978 named Krona is trying to merge two universes, or whatever.

The dialogue is of course interchangable and useless, and the people who come off most colorful are Batman (for not speaking) and Thor (for talking like the King James Bible.) The melodrama is composed entirely of cardboard emotions. Batman reminds us he doesn't like guns -- in case we forgot! -- and we get some of the same tired shit about Giant Man being a wifebeater. Blah blah blah.

None of that matters. It's an excuse for Busiek and Perez to trot out every hero, villain, and costume permutation of the above for 4 oversized issues.

Me, I don't go for that easy humor about "pervert suits" and how everything's just sort of a big fetish. But I can't ignore some of the homoerotic overtones in this book. Example (emphasis mine):

Green Arrow: Sorry, Hawkeye -- you were even better at bein' a pain in the butt than me, and that's sayin' something --

GA: -- but I'll make every one of your shafts count.

GA: Every one.

(Next Panel.)

Captain America: Don't let up!

Cap: You've got 'em in disarray -- Keep pushing! Break through their lines -- then take 'em from behind!

Cap: Keep pushing! Keep PUSHING!

There's stuff like that all over this book. This is either madness or genius, or perhaps both.

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