Wednesday, March 10, 2004

The ultimate vanity. 

People tend to put up their purchase lists on Wednesdays, for reasons I can't fathom but fully appreciate. In that spirit, I'm gonna go ahead and do much the same. So you can see how smart and like, totally hip I am, and that I don't just buy books with guys in pervert suits in them.

Just mostly.

In no particular order:

Spooked - OGN - Antony Johnston & Ross Campbell - $14.95.

Manga-sized, but British. An underground artist plays host to ghosts that take up residence in her head for days, months, years; and these ghosts are the inspiration for her art. One day, the ghosts simply stop coming.. and Our Heroine finds herself with no inspiration to paint. And then Simon enters her head, takes up residence.. and the murderous forces that took Simon down now want Our Heroine, too.

Alan Moore's Writing for Comics - TPB - Alan Moore & Jacen Burrows - $5.95.

Duh. So I'm behind, and I'm playing catch-up. The legendary writer of Watchmen, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, From Hell, V for Vendetta, Batman: The Killing Joke, and much more writes clever about the craft of writing for comics. Old essays written in the 80's with an updated essay from The Man Himself to round it all out.

Freaks of the Heartland #1 - Steve Niles & Greg Ruth - $2.99.

Steve Niles is the current meister of horror writing in comics, and though I still think of him as a developing talent rather than an "arrived" talent, I'm willing to take the plunge. The interview with Ruth over at Viper Comics also spurned me on to try this one.

Sword of Dracula #2 and #3 - Jason Henderson & Greg Scott - $2.95.

Modern private armies fight to overwhelm the Lord of the Night himself for their own purposes. Solid idea, fantastic B&W art. Optioned for a movie already. Decided I'd catch up, since all I had previously was #1.

The Punisher: Official Movie Adaptation #2 - Peter Milligan & Pat Olliffe - $2.99.

I do not actually plan on reading this until after I see the movie. Frankly, I'm buying these now, because if I don't, I'll forget about them entirely. How's that for a thrifty shopper mentality?

El Cazador: The Bloody Ballad of Blackjack Tom #1 - Chuck Dixon & Sergio Cariello - $2.95.

Chuck Dixon is the workhorse of the comic book world. This does not mean all of his writing is journeymen-level. The main El Cazador comic -- a bought Spanish bride turned pirate captain -- is both simple and enjoyable, as well as exhaustingly detailed, and I figure with a title like "The Bloody Ballad of Blackjack Tom," this spinoff is worth a shot.

Coup D'etat: Afterword #1 - Mike Carey & Whilce Portacio/Ed Brubaker & ? Phillips - $2.95.

I admit I know little about the Wildstorm universe. I know (and love) Ellis's and Millar's run on The Authority, but I know nothing of Sleeper, Wildcats, Stormwatch: Team Achilles, or any of that. I DO know that I'm impressed enough by Ed Brubaker in general that the first Sleeper TPB will be mine shortly. Oh yes. It will be mine.

Street Angel #1 - Jim Rugg & Brian Maruca - $2.95.

After reading some very solid reviews, there was zero chance of me passing this up. So. I'll let you know.

Scars - TPB - Warren Ellis & Jacen Burrows - $17.99.

It's a cop drama. It's Warren Ellis. The tagline is: "How much of a monster do you have to become to hunt monsters?" Ellis has shown time and again that he knows plot, he knows structure, he knows dialogue, and most of all, he knows memorable characters. Ethical dilemmas are fairly virgin territory for him -- in his stories, the good guys may be flawed, but they're always most certainly good. Let's see how he does with a protagonist on shakier moral ground.

I'll let you know how they are.

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