Friday, March 26, 2004

They're coming to get you, Charlie. 

Via Near Mint Heroes, I find that there's a preview up of the new art for The Walking Dead. It's here.

And Shane at NMH warns thusly:

The only thing I dislike about seeing the work is that it looks like the preview they show is a pretty major scene in the book. So even though I kinda figured it was coming, it kinda spoiled that plot point for me. View at your own risk.

Man, am I lazy today or what?

Anyway. Some of the people at Newsarama are talking like an artist shift is going to get them off the book, because they like Tony Moore so much. That's real sweet, guys, but Moore walking appears to be out of Robert Kirkman's control, and I don't see the point in penalizing him and yourself by ceasing to buy a book you enjoy so much. It's only 50% art, guys. The other half is writing, which is the reason any comic book exists, so let's have a little stick-to-itiveness, all right?

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