Sunday, March 28, 2004

Some stripping to kill your time with. 

Aside from Penny Arcade and 8-Bit Theater, I really don't visit many online comic strips. Most of them are a complete and total waste of time, uninspired trash that never updates on schedule, if at all.

Such as mine.

But then I got a little daring. Checked out the TCW rankings to see what was out there. And came across three great-tasting strips that taste great together. Or... something like that. (Plus a bonus strip link at th end, because you're my special friend.)

Elf Only Inn -- This might be kind of a niche one. Bunch of people's avatars in an online role-playing room, basically screwing around and being funny. Every stereotype is nailed dead-on: the Dragonball Z guy who can't spell and that no one pays attention to, the snotty room moderator whose whole purpose for existence is ruining everyone's fun, the chick who's a "~vampyre~ (half)," the demon guy who walks in and starts eating NPCs to prove he's awesome, etc, etc. You need to start at the beginning to get the full effect. Updates M/W/F, pretty consistently.

Least I Could Do -- Here's a novel concept: comic strip characters with sex lives! It's not gratuitous or all that immature or anything, at least in so much as a comic strip can be "mature," but it's pretty funny. You would do well to start at the first strip on this one and work your way forward. It gets funnier and funnier as it goes along. Updates Monday through Saturday.

A Modest Destiny -- You definitely need to start at the beginning with this one. The first chapter is a fantasy story, lambasting all the usual fantasy clich├ęs in a fairly original way, with utterly charming sprite art. The story actually gets kind of involving. Then you get the second chapter, which is a space opera(ish) story totally unrelated to the first, that's not quite as entertaining but is more consistently humorous. Also gets better as it goes along, like so many strips. Updates 7 days a week.

Lore Brand Comics -- I've been reading Lore since I first discovered the Brunching Shuttlecocks about 5 years ago. You can read them in pretty much any order, as all the strips are self-contained little zingers that have no real "continuity" to them. Highly recommended. Updates about every Wednesday.


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