Monday, March 22, 2004

Serves me right. 

Something that matters happened, just not a lot of people are talking about it.

James Marsden did a Q&A at WizardWorld LA (why do I feel like I got the really short end of the stick with the Dallas one?), and talked briefly about the Preacher adaptation that's been wallowing in limbo for about two years now.

"Marsden commented briefly on the Garth Ennis adaptation, "Preacher." "Almost two years ago I got a phone call from my agent, offering it. I was like, 'What is Preacher?' They were very vague. So I ask some of my friends, and they're like 'They offered you Jesse Custer? Preacher? Wow!' I got a couple of the graphic novels and I was captivated, it was some of the best writing that I'd ever read. I just found it an amazing piece of literature. Right now it's in development hell. When you have an independantly financed film, it's getting harder to get them made. We're gonna try to go this summer. I kind of wanted to wait another year so I could get more wrinkles and get even more weathered. If there was ever a role that I wanted to do some method acting, this would be it. My wife read every single one of the issues in two days, she was in love with 'em."

Article's here, at CBR. Also some stuff in there about a Transformers movie, if you're into that sort of thing.

At first I thought this was a horribly bad idea. Not out of fanboy defensiveness, but because Preacher is so damn dense it'd be hard to compact all of the story elements that matter into 2 hours or less. For some reason, this quote warms my cold heart.

Hat's off, Marsden. Even if you look about 15 years too young to be boffing that particular Jean Grey.

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