Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Road less travelled. 

The Comics Waiting Room has a few reviews up for some books that might have slipped under your radar. (Certainly slipped under mine.) Have a look.

In other news: There is no other news. There's some stuff about Mary Jane and TokyoPop and so on, but aside from a mildly growing interest in the MJ title, I really just don't care all that much.


Why don't you check out some informative comments about pacing in comic books by artist Steve Leiber? Originally posted in the Fanboy Rampage comments section, Shane from Near Mint Heroes was kind enough to post it seperately to make it easy to get at. It's informative. Read it.



UPDATE: Steve Lieber went ahead and posted the text on the Mercury Studios blog, too. He even complimented me, sort of!

(See, beneath all the faux cynicism I really am just an insecure fanboy.)

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