Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Part 2 of the Paper Curtain. 

As the title says.

Good read. Gone South does indeed sound interesting, but I get a little uneasy when something is described as being so much like something else. Check it:

"..that might find a comfortable home at Vertigo.." Fine. That just basically says 'it's odd.' Which is a permissible statement in a review, but it keeps going.

"..a gritty escapade that could easily come from the pen of David Lapham or Garth Ennis." You had me at Ennis. But if I want to read Lapham or Ennis, guess what? I'll go pick up one of their books.

"..could have been wrenched wholesale from David Lapham.." Lapham again. I think maybe Patrick Neighly, the author of this column, owes Lapham some money or something.

"..for the most part the book is a gripping fusion of Stray Bullets and Dracula by way of Preacher." So what we're saying is, IT HAS SOME RESEMBLANCE TO THE WORKS OF GARTH ENNIS. I wasn't sure about with the mention of Vertigo, or the gritty escapade bit, but now I'm starting to get a hunch..

"..uses a solid, if unremarkable, line that readers will associate with more prototypical indie books such as My Uncle Jeff."

"Recommended for readers of Preacher, Stray Bullets and fans of vampires and road stories." We get it already. Look, is this a piece of original work or is it a bunch of panels C&Ped from other books?

All cattiness said, I'll probably be getting this book. How could I not? It's Garth Ennis without actually being written by Garth Ennis.

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