Monday, March 01, 2004

Oh, yes. Oh VERY yes. 


GTA: San Andreas. Now, okay, I'm the kind of gamer that's a step up from "casual" but nowhere near "hardcore" territory. I buy a new game for the PS2 or XBox about once every few months. Of those, I beat maybe 50 to 75% of them.

GTA is different, though. I am a Grand Theft Auto WHORE. Once I get my hand on a new GTA game, I just sort of go away for a long time. My friends would lose track of me for days at a time, as I singlehandedly wrestled the game into submission. I was so in tune, I used to open up magazines with cover page blurbs of "New GTA secrets!!!" and then proceed to laugh, as these "new secrets" were shit I'd discovered months previously. I own these games, and in return, they own me. I AM Tommy Vercetti, bitch.

And now... the owning shall begin again.

As Wil pointed out, the font used for "San Andreas" is rather thuganomic. Previous rumors had pointed to the next GTA as being set in Las Vegas circa the 1970's, sort of like Casino. Now, I'm envisioning a Boyz in the Hood style of gameplay, featuring a soundtrack by NWA.

One can only hope.

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