Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Oh, glorious day! 

A new Gone & Forgotten is up! (You'll want to be clicking in the dialogue balloon.)

This time, he talks about Wonder Woman:

I suppose I should get this out of the way first: I hate Wonder Woman and I'm sorry she has the vote! I've sort of documented my reasons in other forae, but chief among what I think of as Wonder Woman's many faults as a character is that she just seems sort of sloppily applied.

She's a mythical amazon, but she ends up fighting giant communist eggs and amorous space gorillas, or something called Mouse Man which was apparently a dude in a yellow mouse costume complete with fuzzy ears and nose. She's a character from Greek legend who wears an American ensemble. And, you know, whenever they ran out of story ideas, they just swiped whatever just happened in Superman last month.

Sniff. I'm.. I'm so.. so HAPPY.

(Be sure to read the G&F Archives for some good laughs. The stuff about the Superpets had me laughing so hard I was fucking crying.)

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