Saturday, March 20, 2004

Oh for fuck's sake! 

So my roommate points this out to me.

Behold, on a pale horse. I saw a rider, and his name was ROB FUCKING LIEFELD.

Look, I gotta ask: have we really learned anything at all in the past ten years? Do we not realize that what Milligan and Allred did with X-Force was absolutely necessary for phasing that title out of our fucking lives forever? I realize X-Statix is sort of a piece of shit these days, but Milligan doesn't deserve a slap in the face like this.

Marvel's going backwards in a major way, and I'm not sure the tent stakes of guys like Ennis and Bendis can keep them from "reloading" all the way back to the worst stuff of 1994.

I remember when that Epic business was going on, Quesada wrote a bit of a guide to what kinds of comics they were looking for. In doing so, he singled out what kinds of stories they weren't looking for; Quesadilla's prime example was Spider-Man.

Queso's complaint with the Spider-Man titles is that writers, over the years, had made "comic books about comic books," or whatever his peculiar phrasing was, and the prime example of this was having Peter Parker get a steady job and marry Mary Jane Watson. Peter Parker becoming anything other than a struggling student trying to hide his identity from the love of his life was, according to Quesar, a Very Bad Idea.

Translation: change bad, status quo good. Don't send us new ideas because we won't take them.

I didn't think much about it back then, but it really is indicative of a larger trend in Marvel that now doesn't even bother to hide itself. They are telling us: "We will make this 1994 again, and there's not a goddamn thing you can do about it."

And isn't Liefeld already hilariously behind on some of his other titles? I'm sure he brings it up in that interview somewhere. I wouldn't know; every time I start reading his words my eyes well up with tears and I have to go punch a kitten until I feel better.


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