Wednesday, March 03, 2004

My Flesh is Cool (because I am a zombie). 

Newsarama speaks to Josh Howard, creator of Dead@17 from Viper Comics (a company local to me).

I've met Josh Howard. Met him on the first day of Wizard World Dallas (which was in Arlington, of course), and at the time the only issue that had come out was the first one. I like the guy's style, I like the guy's art, and his grasp of dialogue has consistently gone up in quality from #1 to #4. He has potential. If your store doesn't get Dead@17, ask them to order the TPB so you too can get a glimpse.

He's a nice guy, too. Genuinely pleased to hear the fans talk to him about his work. The guy was there, from open to close, all three days at WWD. He signed autographs, he talked to everyone, and he was genuinely glad and greatful to be where he was. For that alone, you should buy his book.

And while Dead@17 was pretty good, here's hoping his quality continues to rise. I want to see those themes develop out from under the Chosen One-style storyline of the first mini-series.

Buy it. This I command.

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