Saturday, March 13, 2004

Millions weep. 

More of a news blurb than a news story, ComiX-Fan reports that while Kirsten Dunst has signed on for a third Spider-Man movie, she has stated she will not stay on the franchise if there is a fourth movie.

That isn't the part I'm actually concerned with. What concerns me is Marvel's hubris about signing a third movie months before the second even hits theaters, in the case of Spider-Man, or signing a sequel to a movie that hasn't even come out yet, in the case of The Punisher.

Seriously, what kind of shit is that? Spider-Man may more or less be a safe bet up to 3, but beyond that's a risky proposition. I just know some of those moron producers and studio reps are anticipating it will make as much, or more, money than the first.. and will somehow have the balls to act surprised or upset if it doesn't work out that way.

And proceed to blame the filmmakers for it, rather than try to understand the movie-going public.

But the Punisher situation worries me even more, not only because Frank Castle is MY BOY, but because it points to a larger trend within the Marvel ranks to simply assume all movie franchises they release will be utter gold worthy of sequel upon sequel, ad nauseum. That way lies a bursting bubble. And you know that, when the other shoe drops, the management types, the accountants and project leaders pushing for sequel upon sequel and whose first, last, and only concern is money won't get the flak or the firing.

It will be the creative types, like always.

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