Monday, March 01, 2004

Millar Announces Late Title. World Somehow Keeps Turning. 

The actual story, that Mark Millar's saying Volume 2 #1 of the Ultimates is going to be late, isn't actually what interests me here. This kind of "announcement" is the equivalent of being told that you will continue to draw breath until you die.

What really interests me is how apologetic these Newsamara posters are for such unbelievable lateness from artist Bryan Hitch. Basically, their message is that it's totally okay for a title to come out 3 times in the span of 10 months even though it's supposed to be a monthly because the art is like, really cool, man.

Don't get me wrong. I love Hitch's work. His run on the Authority was rock-fucking-solid, when it came out back in 1894. However, I can't support this kind of tardiness from a top writer/artist team, especially on a leading industry title. What the hell kind of standards are we setting when Marvel can allow, even encourage, that kind of work ethic? Do we let a guy skate by because he pulls in good numbers, even if he only puts out a book about as often as Andy Dick gets laid by a woman?

Apparently we do.

Best part of the thread:

"donĀ“t buy it then, if people want their opinion heard they should express them with their wallets, not keyboards"

While voting with your wallet is indeed very important, in every facet of your life in fact, I wonder if this guy realizes how completely and totally retarded his statement is. You don't want to hear people express their opinions with their keyboards? Well, J, let me ask you a question...


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