Sunday, March 21, 2004

Marry me, Sarah Polley. 

So I'm reading this interview (subscription required, I'm sure) with Sarah Polley on Entertainment Weekly's website, about how and why she chose to take the lead female role in the remake of Dawn of the Dead (which, incidentally, rocks your lame ass):

EW: The genre has changed since the ''Scream'' trilogy turned it on its ear. Were you nervous about making a straightforward horror film?

Sarah Polley: I think it takes a lot more nerve to not be in on the joke. When I saw the movie with an audience, people were shocked. We're so used to this ironic tongue-in-cheek that we think we're all way too sophisticated to actually be scared. That era has had its day, but people want to experience real things in theaters again. And it's really great to make a movie that isn't making fun of itself the whole time. And it's funnier, actually.

Wow. She said what needed to be said in one strong, well-worded paragraph. All those sardonic, gee-aren't-we-witty movies that no-talent fucktard Kevin Williamson thrust down our throats have gone the way of the dodo. And good fucking heavens. All you cop-out bitches who like to make fun of the horror movies that entertain you can get the hell out.

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