Monday, March 29, 2004

Kinetic focus. 

Interesting, if fluffy.

I kinda like the part where it says Pleece knew "absolutely zilch" about the Focus line. That more or less sums up what everyone knows about the Focus line. DC took out some ads, sure, but if this is the line intent to be some kind of halfway house between the DCU and Vertigo books, you think they'd push the titles a bit more aggressively.

I confess, I have not yet read Kinetic. But I have been following Hard Time, which I think is pretty good, if not fabulous. But then I seem to be in the minority in thinking Hard Time was worth any kind of time or money at all. What gives, folks? What're your gripes?

(Also, Ms. Contino? No one says "4-1-1," ever. Never ever. Especially in print. Please stop writing quasi-hip and just fucking write.)

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